Texas Endurance Riders Association
1. Ride managers should contact any officer or board member of TERA and ask for a
sponsorship form. By filling out the sponsorship form, you agree to abide by AERC and
TERA rules and regulations.

2. From the time you have the first rig pull into the camping area until at least one hour
after the  last rider of the  longest distance  crosses the finish  line  is  considered  your
“ride”. There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages by ride management at any
helping with the ride.

3. Ride managers who intend to use stricter criteria than imposed by AERC must have it
in written form and available to riders before the start of the ride.  TERA members have
voted that the ride manager may or may not allow arranged ties at the finish.  However,
if they  do  not  allow  arranged ties, that  information must  be  in  writing  in the ride
brochure and/or the rider packet.

4. TERA rides will use the Gate-Into-Hold type of  control  checks.  See Vet Checks on
pages 17-18 and Appendix B for more information on this type hold.

5. TERA ride managers agree to have at least two veterinarians present at each ride. The
ride manager will employ at least one vet more than the number of differently located
vet checks (i.e. – you hold one out‐of‐camp check and the rest are in camp, you will
need at least three vets).

6. All equines entering a TERA sponsored ride will have a current negative Coggins. This
will be stated in the ride brochure.

7. All TERA rides will have trails marked on the right side of trail unless marking to
indicate a left turn.

8. If a rider  is pulled from the ride, Ride Management must  inform the rider of the

9. TERA sponsored rides will offer at least a $5.00 discount to current TERA members.   

10. TERA has tables, cones, CRI tape measure, water pump and hoses or timing sheets
for TERA ride managers’ use. If you have need of any of these, contact Bo/Linda Parrish
at 936-852-3532 or email at lindapparab@valornet.com.