Texas Endurance Riders Association
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Updated 10/19/2017

Link to 2018 Membership Application

Time to renew your membership, or join for the first time!

Only members are eligible for T.E.R.A. awards and points, and the start of the new ride year is December
1, 2017.

The link to the current 2018 T.E.R.A. membership application is above.

Please fill out information
completely. This will be the only information kept on file for you.
The information you supply will be the only contact information we have to send you updated T.E.R.A.
news and information.

Please follow instructions on the application as to where and how to send payment.

With membership in TERA you will receive a membership card with your number.

Your membership also brings you a subscription to
Trail Markers, the newsletter of the Texas Endurance
Riders Association,discounts on entry fees at TERA sponsored rides throughout the year, and makes you
eligible for TERA year end awards