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This is a list of T.E.R.A. Members with 2017 Membership Status

Memberships Will Be Posted When Available

If You Have Recently Joined Please Allow a Reasonable Time for New Data To Be Posted
For Membership Questions Contact Kerry Lowrey - karebearlowrey at hotmail.com

Last Update 05/20/2017

Data From - 05/16/2017
TERA #        2017 Member        Last Name        First Name

678        Yes        Accardo        Heather
627        Yes        Altomare        Haley
419        Yes        Anderson        Kris
419A        Yes           Russell        Will
552A        Yes        Barlow        Leslie
552B        Yes        Barlow        Bob
655        Yes        Barwick        Anna
399        Yes        Bateman        Lee
651a        Yes        Berger        Maria
674        Yes        Bessent        Barbara
700        Yes        Best        Ann
220A        yes        Betts        Debbie
220B        yes        Betts        Russell
677        Yes        Bibb        Maranda
365        Yes        Bixler        Valerie
       Yes        Brazil        Linda
123A        yes        Brehob        Paulette
123B        yes        Brehob (Matthess)        James
699        Yes        Brewster        Crystal
607        Yes        Bridwell        Nikki
706        Yes        Bringman        Lynne
704        Yes        Brogdon        Stephanie
702        Yes        Brumlow        Dorothy
146        Yes        Broussard        Russell
723        Yes        Burkheart        Becky
531A        Yes        Burton        Bruce
531B        Yes        Burton        Louise
705        Yes        Bussey        Megan
75        Yes        Butler        Darolyn
49A        yes        Campbell        Michael
49B        yes        Campbell        Dianne
227        yes        Cann        Tracy
119        yes        Carberry        Doug
219A        yes        Carrie        Ross
219B        yes        Carrie        Dawn
662        Yes        Casarez        Tracee
142        Yes        Chapman        Monica
709        Yes        Church        Trina
339        Yes        Conner        Virginia
248A        Yes        Conway        Gail
248B        Yes        Conway        Kay
562A        Yes        Culberson        Jerry
562B        Yes        Culberson        Tracy
683        Yes        Cunningham        Desirree
719        Yes        Custer        Denise
153        yes        Darroh        Richard
688        Yes        Dart        Jenny
646        yes        Dawson        Margaret
640        Yes        Deaton        Terri
580        yes        DeBoer        Willemina
714        Yes        DeLeon        Rita
597A        Yes        Dickson        Deb
597B        Yes        Dickson        Bill
545        Yes        Doucet        Denise
523        Yes        Duarte        Nicole
117B        Yes        Dufour        John
722        Yes        Dunn-Elwell        Meghan
657        Yes        Dypwick        Ann
262        yes        Edwards        Caryne
285A        Yes        Ellis        Milinda
285B        Yes        Ellis        Billy
285C        Yes        Ellis        Blaize
30A        Yes        Fant        Sylvia
30B        Yes        Fant        David
30C        Yes        Fant        Amanda
36        Yes        Fields        Mary
366a        yes        Finan        Hope
332        Yes        Fisher        Kristen
696        Yes        Flint        Kimberlee
252A        Yes        Frank        Alanna
252B        Yes        Frank        Gunnar
521        Yes        Freeman        Noel
717        Yes        Furr        Cindy
171        Yes        Garcia        Thibaldo
647        Yes        Gardiner        Wendye
244        Yes        Garlitz        Roger
270        Yes        Gentry        Beverly
658        Yes        Gilreath        Lib
130        Yes        Goolsby        Ann
692        Yes        Graveson        Kenny
596        Yes        Grosvenor        Carol
712        Yes        Hager        Audrey
656        Yes        Harvey        Abigail Nicole
701        Yes        Henderson        Caroline
526        Yes        Hession        Marleen
26A        Yes        Hoffman        Patsy
26B        Yes        Hoffman        Jim
113A        Yes        Holzer        Vicki
113B        Yes        Holzer        Cameron
113C        Yes        Holzer        Joe
       Yes        Hounsel        Carter
306        Yes        Howell        Eron
392        yes        Howze        Robin
412        Yes        Hurley-Rosser        Erin
355A        Yes        Israelson        Patty
355B        Yes        Israelson        Roger
355C        Yes        Israelson        Jordan
159A        Yes        Jaffe        Val
159B        Yes        Jaffe        Peran
159C        Yes        Jaffe        Zach
676A        Yes        Janousek        Jennifer
676B        Yes        Janousek        Benjamin
673        Yes        Jones        Holly
675        Yes        Jordon        Pamela
TERA #        2017 Member        Last Name        First

506A        Yes        Kelly        Tracy
506B        Yes        Kelly        Stewart
506C        Yes        Kelly        Ragan
506D        Yes        Kelly        Jackson
679        Yes        Kemp        Robyn
117A        Yes        Kight        Carol
621        Yes        King        Katherine "Kacy"
231        Yes        Kovalchuk        Cindy
648        yes        Lankes        Tim & Julia
574A        Yes        Lemmons        Jessica
574B        Yes        Lemmons        Debra
530a        Yes        Lemon        Jamie
530b        Yes        Lemon        Greg
229        yes        Lessig        Tammy
109        Yes        Lewis        Chris
547        Yes        Lolley        Janet
558A        yes        Lowrey        Kerry
721        Yes        Martin        Melanie
       Yes        Martin-Holme        Sharon
590A        yes        Masters        Jennifer
590B        yes        Masters        Jack
24        Yes        Maul        Mike
203a        Yes        Maynard        Stephanie
203b        Yes        Maynard        Lawrence
28A        yes        McBride        Mark
28B        yes        McBride        Kathy
335A        Yes        Mettes        Cynthia
622        Yes        Millan-Barbera        Monica
715A        Yes        Morris        Lisa
715B        Yes        Morris        Dan
715C        Yes        Morris        Mary Alice
524        Yes        Morris        Manda
149a        yes        Mosshammer        Katrina
149b        yes        Mosshammer        Mary
653        Yes        Murray        Brittany
       Yes        Murphy        Donna
330        Yes        Mundy        Windsor
546        Yes        Musick        Twyla
682        Yes        Nel         Kayla
631a        Yes        Nelson        Jason
631b        Yes        Nelson        Nancy
631c        Yes        Nelson        Ellie
631d        Yes        Nelson        Christopher
667        Yes        Nichols        Carol
111a        yes        Noblin        Jennifer
111b        yes        Noblin (Allen)        Frank
155        yes        Norris        Lindsay
213C        yes        Norsworthy        Khristin
213D        yes        Norsworthy        Ryan
617        yes        Nowell        John
707A        Yes        Oswood        Wendy
707B        Yes        Oswood        Cassie
707C        Yes        Oswood        Tyler
707D        Yes        Oswood        Jeff
90A        Yes        Parrish        Bo
90B        Yes        Parrish        Linda
409        yes        Petty        Michele
33a        Yes        Phillips-Jaffe        Sue
33b        Yes        Phillips-Jaffe        Mike
716        Yes        Pitts        Michelle
375        yes        Prescott        Al
711        Yes        Proctor        Kitty
503        yes        Prusak        Deanne
230a        yes        Reeves        Kim
425        Yes        Reilly        Joseph
511        Yes        Reilly        Charlotte
668        Yes        Reinhardt        Kim
629        Yes        Robichaux        Tommy
694        Yes        Robinson        Gwen
720        Yes        Robinson        Jennifer
152A        yes        Roden        Vickie
152B        yes        Roden        Bob
249A        yes        Rogers        Vicky
249B        yes        Rogers        Bob
633        Yes        Russell (Sternadel)        Elizabeth
317        yes        Sazama        Sylvia
609        Yes        Schrader        Karen
327        Yes        Schubert        Leslie
698        Yes        Schumacher        Debra
687        Yes        Scott        Donny
213a        yes        Seymore        Dennis
213B        yes        Seymore        Mary Ellen
710        Yes        Shockley        Jesse
147        yes        Skalski        Lisa
703        Yes        Smith        Michelle
690        Yes        Sneed        Erin
       Yes        Sorensen        Susan
323        yes        Stewart        Deborah
713        Yes        Swiss        Elaine
527        Yes        Sturgill        John
689        Yes        Sydnam        Sara
330        Yes        Thompson        Donna
632        Yes        Tobias        Mona
693        Yes        Ususan        Crystal
608        Yes        Van Ongevalle        Lorie
708        Yes        Van Den Berg        Suzanne
685        Yes        Wall        Terri McIntyre
611        Yes        West        John
192        Yes        Whitfield        Kathy
641        Yes        Wofford        Kimberly
697        Yes        Woods        Susie
138        Yes        Young        Becky