Texas Endurance Riders Association

success and has continued ever since.

Bruce and Louise Burton have volunteered year after year to make all the arrangements.  
They always have terrific speakers who cover a large variety of topics that are of interest to
endurance riders.  There are frequently demonstrations involving both people and
horses.  In all the years we have been going, I have never failed to come away motivated
and feeling that I have learned a lot.
During lunch on Saturday there is a meeting with Monica Chapman, our sanctioning
director and all the ride managers in attendance.  Ride dates are discussed and
frequently agreed upon. Ride managers also discuss the good and not so good things
that have happened at their rides while other ride managers offer suggestions on how to
help the not so good things while taking away the good ideas to implement in their rides.  
Following the afternoon speakers and demonstrations, there is an awards banquet on
Saturday night.  The banquet is followed by dancing and/or visiting in the hospitality room.  

Sunday morning is the time to meet with the AERC directors.  AERC is going through the
same financial difficulties as the rest of the nation. Michael has requested ideas to help
AERC and that will likely be part of Sunday morning’s discussion.  There are usually new
rules being considered and the directors request feedback on those. Consequently, this
is a great time to become an active member of your national organization.

Throughout Saturday, raffle results are announced.  There are many donations, but the
prized items are free ride entries to almost every ride in the region as well as some out of
region rides.  You can also wander through the vendor booths at your leisure.

I told Todd this would be short so I guess I should bring this to a close.  Texas has been
very underrepresented the last few years even though we have the largest number of
Central Region riders.  Please make a decision to go to the convention to represent our
state and to be sure your ideas are presented.

The convention will take place on January 14 & 15, 2012 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  The
convention fee is more than reasonable $15 per family and raffle tickets are a dollar.

Updates will be posted on the TERA and Central Region Websites.  If you would like to
talk to someone live, please check with Bo and Linda or David and Sylvia. We’ll be there
and we hope to see all of you!
As programs, schedules, dates, times,
agendas, finalized they will be posted
to the website!

Click Here for Raffle Information!!


Tom Bache, former National Cross Country
Finalist, Cyclist, Tri Athlete, Race
Organizer, 2011 Pony Express Survivor,
2012 Tevis Finisher, AERC Director at Large

Todd Holbrook, DVM.  Board certified
Equine Sports Medicine and Internal
Medicine.  "Poor Performance in the
Endurance Horse"

Valerie Bixler, DVM

Alexis Jones:  Wrapping Legs

Gene Bledsoe, certified human and animal
chiropractor.  chiropractic issues for you
and your horse(tentative)

Contact Bruce or Louise Burton for more
details or if you have any questions.

2013 AERC Central Region Convention/Party

Saturday/Sunday January 19-20

Quality Inn and Suites, Muskogee, Oklahoma

(3031 Military Boulevard, same hotel as last
year, just new name)

Room Rates $84 King $89 Double Queen

( mention AERC when you reserve prior to
January 1 by calling 918-687-9000 to get this

No other pre registration is necessary. Just be
prepared for a weekend of Fun and Endurance
Related Education. This Hotel does have an
indoor pool so don’t forget your swimsuit.
More details to Come !


23rd AERC Central Region Convention

January 19,20 2013

Quality Inn and Suites

3021 Military Blvd,

Muskogee OK 74402

(918) 687-9000 for reservations $89 for 1-4
people (through Jan 1st) indoor pool,  hot tub
and free continental breakfast

Ride Managers' Meeting

Awards Banquet (TERA, OCER, TADRA,
OETRA, other regional and national award

Indoor Pool


Hospitality Room

Sunday Meeting with AERC directors

Tack Vendors

Raffle of Regional Ride Entries, plus other
Great Prizes!

Used Tack Sale

This is a time to learn, socialize and help our
region be the best!


Rooms: $89

Banquet: $18

Start time: 10am

Convention Cost: $10 per person, $15 family

Bring your used tack, riding stories, bathing
suit, dancing shoes and a FUN attitude!

For more information: Bruce Burton (919)756-
3757 or firedancefarms@prodigy.net