Texas Endurance Riders Association - 2016 Ride Managers Clinic
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2017 T.E.R.A. Ride Manager's Clinic

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Link Updated 7/20/2017
Attire for Clinic

Suggested attire is Texas Summer

Walking shoes, cool clothes, hat,
sunscreen and maybe bug spray.

Bring your chair.
2017 Attendees Scheduled

Caryne Edwards
Ann Goolsby
Kim Reeves
Linda and Bo Parrish
David and Sylvia Fant
Nicole Duarte
Amy Middleton Chapman
John Nowell

Terri Deaton
Al Prescott

Potluck RSVP Items

Dessert - David and Sylvia Fant
Warm potatoes and veggie dish -
Nicole Duarte
Snacks and Water - Caryne Edwards
TBD - John Nowell

Jalapeno Poppers - Terri Deaton
Al Prescott - Green Salad

Texas Endurance Riders Association
Presents the
2017 Ride Manager’s Clinic

Ride Manager Clinic- Saturday, August 5 at C Bar Ranch Valley Mills,

If you are a Ride Manager, Alternate,  Assistant Ride Manager,  thinking
about being a Ride Manager or just  want to be more informed about what
a Ride Manager entails, then this clinic is for you!

The clinic is free to all. However, if you wish to bring your horse and stay
for the weekend, hookups are 15 dollars/day.
A riding fee of $10/day is also charged. You may stay in the cabin on site
for 25 dollars/night.

We will provide breakfast and coffee. Snacks and water will also be
provided during the day. Bring your own lunch. There will be a refrigerator
on site to keep your meal cold. Dinner will be pot-luck. TERA will supply
the meat.

Although we will be in the cabin during part of the heat of the day, part of
the clinic will be outside.  Please bring a chair, suntan lotion, and possibly
bug spray if needed.

Sign up here, and let us know if you plan to bring a horse, need a hook up,
and plan to stay in the cabin as well as what you are bringing for pot-luck!

Call Val Bixler-214-514-3618 TERA RM Director
Caryne Edwards TERA President-830-660-5552

Hope to see many of you there!

Bring Chairs – Like You Would for an Endurance Ride!

Time: approximately 8 am-5 pm

Location: C Bar Ranch 611 P.R. 3348

Valley Mills Texas 76689

Bring your horse if you wish to ride when not attending the clinic. There is a
$10 fee to ride.

If you wish to arrive earlier than Friday and/or leave later than Sunday, you
are welcome, but please  contact  Val Bixler or Caryne Edwards.
Remember to bring your COGGINS if you bring your horse!

We have an informative, fun clinic planned for all! If you are a TERA Ride
Manager, remember that you need to attend a clinic at least once every 3
years. If you are contemplating becoming a ride manager, we would love to
have you! Please contact Vickie, Val or Caryne for any questions.

Caryne Edwards

Val Bixler
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