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Next T.E.R.A. Event!

Off Road Warrior I & II
5/9 and 5/10 2015
Jamie Lemon
Trace Trails
Athens, TX

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2017 Mortl Challenge Information!

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Hurricane Harvey!

Gone But Not Over!

The storm has passed, but many still could
use a hand.

Hi all,
As the flood waters recede, and those
affected are starting plans to get their life
back together, TERA as an organization as
well as individuals are wondering where
help is needed.

I'm aware that Darolyn Jane Butler, Tammy
Lessig, and Jamie Peters-Lemon have
property damage.

Are there other TERA members that have
had significant hurricane damage?

I believe Darolyn has a go fund me or pay
pal set up. What is needed and how can we

You can post here or PM myself, Victoria
Turner Roden or a TERA board member.
Caryne Edward

TERA President

2017 Ride

Quitaque Climb

10/7 and 10/8 2017

Pole Canyon Ranch

Quitaque, TX

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