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Off Road Warrior I & II
5/9 and 5/10 2015
Jamie Lemon
Trace Trails
Athens, TX

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T.E.R.A. 2018
Membership List
2017 T.E.R.A. Awards


(1st place in each division = blue bale bag)

Endurance Featherweight

1-Kerry Lowrey Takoda 305 miles

1-Paulette Brehob AAS Sahib 305 miles

2-Debbie Betts El Naseri Mareekh 225 miles

Endurance Lightweight

1-Manda Morris Misfit Toi 385 miles

2-Monica Chapman Rushcreek Atley 310 miles

3-Khristin Seymore-Norsworthy HRZ Firenzic Wynds 275 miles

Endurance Middleweight

1-Jim Matthess Kozys Dreammaker 360 miles

2-Audrey Hager Dancers Southern Princess 315 miles

3-Jim Matthess Beacons Nite Lite 300 miles

Endurance Heavyweight

1-Jason Nelson Misty Lu MHF 405 miles

2-Lisa Skalski Tamar Quaszar 300 miles

3-Gunnar Frank Trinity 150 miles

Endurance Junior

1-Ellie Nelson Buckos Bay Olena 305 miles

Overall High Mileage Rider (PLAQUE)

Jim Matthess 660 miles

Overall High Mileage Horse (PLAQUE & COOLER)

“Misty Lu MHF” 405 miles

Master Rider - *Senior Award (COLLAPSABLE WAGONS)

Endurance – Jim Matthess 660 miles

High Vet Score – Endurance (CERTIFICATE)

“Misfit Toi” 1,360 Points

Most Best Conditions – Endurance (CERTIFICATE)

“Misfit Toi” 2 Best Conditions

“Addoniz” 2 Best Conditions

“Gypsy Brocade” 2 Best Conditions

“Lily Creek Kong” 2 Best Conditions

Limited Distance

(1st place in each division = blue bale bag)

LD Featherweight

1-Robin Howze April’s Truest 225 miles

2-Patsy Hoffman Blonde Ambition GWA 250 miles

3-Wendy Oswood Rushcreek Teresa 135 miles

LD Lightweight

1-Sue Phillips-Jaffe Morgan Brooks 305 miles

2-Vickie Roden DWA Jamal 165 miles

3-Ann Goolsby Mystery Fair 130 miles

LD Middleweight

1-Vicky Rogers Pagani 195 miles

2-Kay Conway Painted Perfection 185 miles

3-Jennifer Lynn Janousek Shawnee’s Gambler 160 miles

LD Heavyweight

1-Al Prescott MA Marauder 280 miles

2-Lee Bateman Morning’s Joy 220 miles

3-Michele Petty Yankee Prince George 215 miles

LD Junior

1-Abigail Harvey Cypress RC Zarahna 85 miles

Master Rider - *Senior Award (COLLAPSABLE WAGONS)

LD – Al Prescott 335 miles


“Yankees Prince George” 3,172 Points

Most Best Conditions-LD (CERTIFICATE)

“Yankees Prince George” 5 Best Conditions​

Nomination Awards:

Volunteer of the Year (PLAQUE)

Ride Manager of the Year (PLAQUE)

Alex Wallis Junior Award (PLAQUE)

Horse & Rider of the Year (PLAQUE & COOLER)

Hall of Fame Person (PLAQUE)

Veterinarian(s) of the Year 2017 Year Plaques to all Veterinarians:

Jim Baldwin

Valerie Bixler

Gail Conway

Matt Randall

Bob Rogers

Dennis Seymore

Family Award

Nelson Family

Volunteer of the Year

Sylvia Sazama

Ride Manager of the Year

Valerie Bixler

Alex Wallis Junior Award

Abigail Harvey

2017 Horse and Rider of the Year

Kerry Lowrey

2017 T.E.R.A. Hall of Fame

Michael Campbell
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Next T.E.R.A. Ride!
Endurance 101 clinic

3-17-2018 and 3-18-2018

7IL Ranch in Cat Spring Tx.

Class room setting 9am to 5pm

Saturday and trail time Sunday.

*You do not have to bring your horse.

All Meals provided on Saturday.

Cost 50.00

Email me if you want to reserve your

Click HERE to reserve a hookup.

2018 T.E.R.A. Benefit Ride "Old Glory"

2/10/2018 and 2/11/2018