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Off Road Warrior I & II
5/9 and 5/10 2015
Jamie Lemon
Trace Trails
Athens, TX

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Heart of the Hills

02/25/2017 and 02/26/2017

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T.E.R.A. Annual Awards!

It's that time of year to nominate your fellow TERA members for
special accomplishments or good things they've done this last
year.  Please go to our website at TERA_Home and click on
"Awards program", then scroll down for the list of Subjective
Awards.  Write a brief summary of your reasoning for a
particular nomination for a specific award, and send it to any
Board member (info., also on the website), but preferably send
them to Khristin Seymore-Norsworthy, who is our Director of
Awards.  I look forward to reading your nominations!

- Vickie Roden

Specifications for Subjective Awards found here:


Please send nominations directly to:

Publicity and Awards Director
Khristin Seymore-Norsworthy
PO Box 559
Daingerfield, Texas 75638

horizonaggie at aol.com
2016 T.E.R.A. Awards Presentations

Hi all,

The end of year TERA awards will now be held at the
AERC national convention in Dallas in March instead
of the 7IL ride over New Years.

Initially, we wanted TERA members to receive their awards
close to the end of the  year, and not wait until spring time.
However, looking into this further, it was noted that several of
the recipients of the awards won’t be able to make it to 7IL,
some Ozark members want to be a part of the awards
ceremony and 7IL is a little difficult for them to get to and  it
is over a holiday weekend. And of course it will be wonderful
to share the ceremony with our Oklahoma friends at the
convention. I hope that this is not an inconvenience for most.
Looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming
rides, and at the AERC National Convention. We are so
fortunate to have the convention in our state!

On another note, our TERA newsletter editor, Todd
Hezeau has to step down from Trail Markers. Meghan Elwell
has offered to help, and possibly take over as editor. If
anyone else is interested in this position, please let me
know. Todd has graciously agreed to help mentor/guide the
new editor for a smooth transition.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Caryne Edwards
President - TERA